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Who's Who

The Data Center employees are the keys in unlocking the power of our hardware and software. In addition to unmatched expertise in programming and direct mail, all Data Center employees have extensive training in customer service -- all the better to serve our clients!

Jim Burton

Jim Burton 's experience is only one of the reasons The Data Center has become a success in the direct mail non profit world. His early programming experience includes development of accounting systems for local banks, supporting the Polaris Missile System by designing Trajectory Simulation Systems and Entry/Re-entry Simulation programs, development of Statistical Financial Reports for Naval Ships Systems Command and formation of payroll and personnel systems for the Peace Corps and Spectre 70. Jim has since formed several software design companies which provide software design, implementation and


end product use for direct mail and other related software systems. Under Jim's direction, these firms developed and implemented subscription fulfillment and membership systems for non profit associations and political clients. Through the years, Jim refined these systems to include fundraising, information retrieval, volunteer utilization, statistical analysis, voter identification and persuasion, poll analysis and pc interfacing. Expansions of these firms led to divisions in copy development and package design, printing, mailing and end product evaluation. In 1989 he focused those thirty years of technical experience into the design and development of MASTERLINK. It is Jim's leadership in combining Legacy systems with client-server enterprise wide pc systems that is moving the The Data Center into the 21st century.

Henry Monti

Henry Monti is the chief programmer of mission critical mean low time failure software at The Data Center. One of Henry's first programming accomplishments was the development and implementation of an on-line membership system for the Chicago Motor Club. As a programmer for the Army, Henry was a team leader in automating the Navy Fleet Broadcast Communications -- successful in taking the US Navy from 75 word per minute teletype and mountains of paper to satellite communications. Henry's programming talents were also used in Front End Processing Projects to reduce the workload of host Univac processors to allow for faster processing. At The Data Center, Henry has created the high level direct mail oriented SQL language for clients to easily update and retrieve their data. Henry draws upon years of successful programming accomplishments to help The Data Center and its clients run their programs faster and better.

Jim Schwinabart

Jim Schwinabart came to The Data Center with a long history of customer service accomplishments. As an account executive at The Data Center, Jim's main responsibility is to work directly with our clients though all stages of order processing -- from establishing needs through final delivery of completed orders. However, his service doesn't stop there -- Jim is the person to call for individual training on the MASTERLINK system, assistance in understanding update reports, and he will even help keep track of your inventory of forms at The Data Center.

Cliff Schmidt

Cliff Schmidt has over twenty years of data processing and direct mail experience. Employed as a data processor and active as a client account representative, Cliff's mainframe and pc experience is extensive - including hardware and software such as UNIX, DOS, VSE, CICS, Wang operating systems, Windows interface, DBASE IV, Word Perfect, FoxPro, Paradox and Lotus123. This experience combined with a solid background of direct mail and strong communication skills make Cliff one of The Data Center's most competent and productive employees.


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call upon The Data Center's advanced hardware, custom software and human talent to assist in managing their membership databases.



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