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In today's fund raising atmosphere, database management companies have an even greater role to play as partners with our non profit clients. Analytics are playing a more important place in identifying loyal donors and getting our clients their fair 'share of wallet' from their donors.

It's all about servicing your donors in a way that keeps their loyalty. It

means tailoring the amount of mail a donor receives based on measurements like time to second gift, years on the file, and number and types of pieces mailed after acquisition.

To those ends, TDC has been working to develop resources such as 'chronic non responder' modeling to aid in reducing costs for prospecting, and donor loyalty analytics like net lifetime value of a donor, return on investment analysis, and gains modeling to help reduce the mail to house donors based on performance and loyalty.

The new paradigm is bottom line profit, not house file size, and to that

end, TDC has developed hundreds of OLAP reports and tools to allow our clients to better visualize patterns of donor giving.

With the emphasis heavy for on line communications, look to TDC to develop a new line of software products for e-fundraising. Couple that with our handle on real customer service and you will get a better return on your efforts and a lot less frustration.

Tired of hearing your account rep tell you that what you want to do is not 'best practices' or wait for the next release? Then we are your partner.

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