US Privacy Policy

The Data Center respects the privacy of every individual about whom it holds information. The Data Center and it's employees pledge to conduct our business according to the following principles:

Notice, Access and Choice

The Data Center recognizes consumers have rights regarding the use and dissemination of information about themselves. Notices should be provided that explain the collection, use and distribution of personally identifiable information. The Data Center conforms to all legal and self-regulatory guidelines for providing consumer notice, access, and choice. To understand what information The Data Center complies, how it is used, and to learn how to exercise choice please read the information on Notice Access and Choice


The Data Center monitors all US law in order to be compliant with any regulatory requirement. The Data Center is registered with the Department of Commerce for EU - U.S. Privacy Shield.  More information can be found under the Data Center Privacy Shield Policy.


Ethical Relationships

The Data Center pledges to conduct our relationships with both clients and other information providers in an ethical and professional manner. The Data Center includes in our client and supplier contracts a commitment that any data sent to us has been legally obtained for the uses to which it will be put.

Additionally, we require our client's subsequent use of any data received from us will be in compliance with all data protection laws, as well as applicable industry information practices. Furthermore, we agree to comply with any restrictions that these information providers place upon the data.

If The Data Center has reason to believe that a client or information provider is not in compliance with these commitments, we will terminate our relationship with them.


The Data Center is committed to privacy education. We educate our clients, our employees, and the industry on an ongoing basis about the issues, guidelines, and laws surrounding individual consumer rights to privacy, corresponding responsibilities, and the Data Center's privacy policies and practices.

The Data Center provides education and consultation to clients about privacy compliance, the laws and industry guidelines to protect consumer privacy. The Data Center also speaks at various events and trade shows about the importance of the responsible use of data.

We provide information to all employees, beginning with an educational session during the new hire orientation, on the importance of consumer privacy. We provide ongoing education on the laws and accepted practices in which the Data Center conducts its business. As changes in legislation or industry practices occur, special education is provided to update our management and employees on the new practices.

All new employees attest to the acceptance of data confidentiality as a condition of employment with The Data Center. In addition, we may require additional agreements for employees that handle certain more sensitive consumer information further protecting the use of data.

Each year, employees are asked to affirm a Privacy Acknowledgement stating that they understand The Data Center's privacy policies. This acknowledgement is also a condition of continued employment.

We discipline employees who violate or fail to report violations of our privacy policies.


The Data Center maintains strict quality control procedures to assure that the information we compile and process is as accurate and complete as possible. The Data Center reacts promptly to any question about the accuracy of information from our clients and from consumers.


The Data Center maintains strict security procedures to ensure that information will not be made available to any unauthorized person or business.

The Data Center uses a variety of multi-level security systems to control access to our services and information products. All users at client locations, as well as The Data Center employees, must have the appropriate access codes and be qualified to access certain data and applications.

The Data Center conducts risk assessments and stringent audits on all internal and external information systems to ensure the integrity of customer data is maintained. The Data Center's enterprise security operations center maintains real-time monitoring for information systems vulnerabilities and unauthorized access attempts into The Data Centers internal systems. The Data Center also maintains rigorous physical security for our facilities and limited access to certain critical areas of the business. All computer room and tape library access is limited and requires secure photo id. Limited access is provided for external access to the facility during regular business hours through entrances that are staffed by security personnel. All entrances are locked during non business hours.

Online Practices

The Data Center's online privacy practices apply to the collection and use of information collected online from individuals, prospects, and customers who visit our website. These policies describe The Data Centers use of cookies and what choice individuals have over the use of information collected by such technologies and can be found in our online policy.

Consumer Benefits

The Data Center offers services and information products that provide benefits to both consumers and businesses alike. Consumers benefit from The Data Center's services through the realization of lower prices that result from our client's more efficient approach to marketing and transaction processing. In addition, consumers realize savings in time and expense by being able to transact business by mail, telephone and over the Internet. To learn more about these valuable benefits, please read Consumer Benefits.

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