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The Data Center uses the Internet as a tool to provide individuals, prospects and customers access to information about our products and services. The Data Center also allows qualified customers to use the Internet to access certain information products. The Data Center and its associates (employees) follow the practices described below in order to safeguard the use of individual information collected on our websites. For more information on each of these practices click on the highlighted heading.

For the purposes of this policy, Data Center defines the term "prospect" as a business which does not have an established relationship with The Data Center and the term "customer" as a business or representative of a business, with which The Data Center does have an established relationship.

Information Collection

From time to time, The Data Center may ask individuals, prospects and customers to provide personal information that will help The Data Center efficiently perform various business transactions. That information may be sought as you:

  • Request information from The Data Center
  • Register for a free trial or demonstration of certain products and services
  • Sign up or subscribe to products and services
  • Participate in a special offer or contest

Use of Personal Information

The information you share with The Data Center will be used to support the customer relationship you have with The Data Center and may be provided to third parties so that they may inform you of services and products that might be of interest. At some of The Data Center's websites, technologies such as "session and/or persistent cookies" may be used to deliver a more customized experience.

Choices on the Use of Personal Information

The Data Center pledges to clearly outline the choices you have when you register for a product or service. The Data Center also gives you the option to opt-out from third party share of your information. At the time of registration, you may choose to opt-out of receiving e-mail from The Data Center about other products and services. You may also exercise your opt-out choice at any time.

At all sites where technologies such as "cookies" are used, a notice will be posted to this effect. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to choose whether to accept it or not.

Accuracy and Security

The Data Center allows you to view all the retrievable information you have provided The Data Center and correct it should there be changes or errors in the information. The Data Center uses strict security systems to prevent information from being made available to any unauthorized person or business. The Data Center Information Systems are constantly monitored for inappropriate access from unauthorized users through the use of intrusion detection and monitoring systems.


The Data Center conforms to their self-regulatory guidelines of the Online Privacy Alliance and the Direct Marketing Association.

If a consumer wants to know more about The Data Center and our information practices contact us by phone, mail or via the Internet to:

As The Data Center develops our business, there may be a change of control of The Data Center Corporation or divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates or portions of The Data Center. In this situation, customer information is typically considered a transferable asset. Also, in the unlikely occurrence that The Data Center Corporation or a part of its divisions, affiliates or subsidiaries are purchased, customer information will be one of the transferred assets.

The Data Center reserves the right to make changes to our online privacy policy as business or technical needs require. In the future, should The Data Center decide to use your information is a substantially new way, we will notify you based on the email address you provided and offer you the opportunity to opt out of the new use


Consumer Benefits

The Data Center offers services and information products that provide benefits to both consumers and businesses alike.  Consumers benefit from The Data Center's services through the realization of lower prices that result from our client's more efficient approach to marketing and transaction processing.  In addition, consumers realize savings in time and expense by being able to transact business by mail, telephone and over the Internet.  To learn more about these valuable benefits, please read Consumer Benefits.

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