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EU Safe Harbor

Notice, Access and Choice

The Data Center recognizes that consumers have rights over the use and dissemination of information about themselves.

Marketing Products:

The Data Center may develop and maintain databases containing information on most of the households in the US for companies to use in their marketing efforts. The databases are developed from many different sources including:

  • Publicly Available Information:

Including Voter information and information where companies are obliged to register certain details.

  • Data from Other Sources:

Including demographic information and survey information (i.e. lifestyle surveys)

These databases do not include credit or medical information.

The Data Center uses the Mailing Preference and Telephone Preference Services in the US and UK as screening files in the development of these databases. These databases are provided to qualified businesses for marketing purposes only. The information can be used to enhance customer files and provide lists for prospecting purposes.

If individuals do not wish for their information to be made available to any company they have purchased from or otherwise done business with (so that that company can better understand their needs as a valued customer) The Data Center will be happy to remove their names.

Likewise if individuals do not want to receive unsolicited marketing information from companies they do not currently deal with, either via mail, e-mail or telephone, The Data Center will remove their name from these products.

Consumers may request an Opt-Out Form by sending an e-mail to jimb@thedatacenter.com  Alternatively, consumers can write to us at The Data Center, Suite 100, 11200 Waples-Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

The Data Center will also be happy to provide an individual with a copy of the information that is held on our databases for a fee of $10.00. Consumers may request The Data Center Consumer Information Report Request Form as above.

In addition to these rights, the Data Protection Act of 1998 gives individuals certain other rights as follows. After making REQUEST IN WRITING and paying the fee, the individual is entitled to:

  1. Be informed if The Data Center or anyone on The Data Center's behalf is processing that individual's personal data. If this is the case, the individual has the right to be given a description of the personal data and to be told of the purpose of the processing. The applicant must also be given details of the recipients or possible recipients of the data.
  2. Have any information that identifies them communicated in a form that is easily understood. An individual is also entitled to be told about the sources of the data and where such information is readily available.
  3. Request that The Date Center does not process their data for direct marketing purposes. If processing has already started, individuals can request that this is stopped within a reasonable time.
  4. Require The Data Center (or anyone acting on The Data Center's behalf) to ensure that no significant decisions are made regarding that individual (e.g. evaluating credit worthiness or job performance) solely on the basis of automatic processing.
  5. Be informed of the logic used regarding data processed by automatic means for the purposes of evaluating matters of significant importance.
  6. Stop (or not begin) processing of personal data if that processing will cause substantial damage or distress to that individual, at the end of a reasonable time period.