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Consumer Benefits


The Data Center offers services and information products that provide benefits to both consumers and businesses.

Consumers benefit from The Data Center services through the realization of the lower prices that result from our clients' more efficient approach to marketing and transaction processing. In addition, consumers realize savings in time and expense by being able to shop and transact business by mail and telephone.

What benefits do consumers get from the use of individual information?

Consumers receive a wide range of benefits from the use of individual information by businesses and organizations. Many of these practices have been going on for many years. However, many consumers only recently became aware of the information that businesses and organizations routinely use to provide value to them.

Receive Special Offers:

Consumers receive offers and discounts for products and services that are more likely to interest them when businesses and organizations use individual information to apply their promotions. Individual information allows promotions to be sent to the customers for whom the product or service was designed. Consumers are made aware of special discounts, early notices of sales and other frequent shopper benefits through direct mail and telemarketing.

Shop by Mail, Phone and on the Internet:

Shopping from home and work through catalogs and other forms of direct marketing provide consumers access to a wide range of products and services and offers more convenient times to shop. In 1998, more than 132 million adults shopped by mail spending more than $900 billion dollars on goods and services. We are now seeing an increasing number of consumers beginning to shop on the Internet.

Items that may be difficult to find in a local community can often be ordered by mail from catalogs, Web sites and over the telephone. Many products can be shipped for next day delivery or arrive in only a few days from the time they are ordered.

Locate Family or Friends Who have Moved:

Online directories offer a quick, easy and often free way to find family and friends who have moved. Directories available in print and on the Internet include telephone directories, alumni directories, professional membership directories and many more.

Assist in Resolving Legal Matters:

Mothers or fathers attempting to enforce child support orders are helped to locate deadbeat parents. Missing heirs entitled to inheritances are more easily and quickly located. Pension beneficiaries are more quickly found. Witnesses in criminal and civil matters are quickly and more easily located.

Enable Real Estate Transactions:

Businesses use real property data (information recorded in the county clerk's office about a piece of real estate) to help a consumer buy or sell a home or investment property. The government uses this information to help determine the property taxes. Mortgage companies use this data to determine the value of a piece of property for loan purposes. Individuals can use it to get recent sales of comparable properties in a neighborhood.

Facilitate Obtaining Credit:

Credit bureaus provide qualified businesses and organizations the needed information on consumers to determine whether and how much credit an individual should receive. Highly automated systems allowing lenders to quickly and easily check current credit information have made obtaining credit a faster and simpler process.

Reduce Fraud and Costly Errors:

Verification of individual information at the time an order is placed, an account is opened, or an insurance policy is applied for minimizes the risk of errors and fraud. Businesses can often verify information provided over the phone or via a Web site to assure that the individuals they are dealing with are who they say they are. They can also obtain verification of shipping information to assure that a product is being shipped to the individual placing the order. Many of these activities make it more difficult for purchases to be made with stolen identity and credit cards.

Speed Up Transaction Time:

Inquiries, sales transactions and service calls can be concluded much faster when individual information can be easily retrieved and referenced. More efficient transactions reduce costs for the business or organization that translate into lower prices to the consumer.

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